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As a physician with strong roots in midwifery, I am a passionate advocate for childbirth practices that are not only safe but also empowering. Although homebirth is a viable option for many, there are women who do not want to deliver their babies in their own homes. But why should these women be given the message that their bodies are not to be trusted? Can't they birth a baby without unnecessary medical technology and interventions?

For fifteen years I have provided births in the hospital for countless women here in Northern California. A hospital birth can be a very good birth – and I encourage anyone who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant to look at their options and trust their own body. Come on in, check out the website, and start on your road to a safe and satisfying birth experience.

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If you’re pregnant or planning to be, read this book! Dr. Kerr’s wise embrace of nature and technology demonstrates that the best births have the right mix of midwifery and medicine.
--Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, creators of the film The Business of Being Born


Dr. Stacey Kerr's wonderful book of birth stories shows how the midwifery model of care can be provided within a hospital setting. I hope that Homebirth in the Hospital reaches a wide audience of parents-to-be and physicians, as it's just what the midwife ordered! It should be required reading for all obstetric and family practice residents.
--Ina May Gaskin


A must read for the expectant parents who want a natural birth but also want to have the security of a safe and happy delivery. Dr. Kerr is an impassioned advocate of patient empowerment in the birthing process. She has always practiced what she so eloquently believes. Congratulations to Dr. Kerr for writing this very timely and much needed book on natural childbirth in a hospital setting.
--Bob G. Field, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.


"Homebirth in the Hospital is a wonderful breath of fresh air! Dr. Kerr's balanced approach to childbirth is inspiring and very helpful. I highly recommend this book."
--Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom (Bantam, 2005), The Wisdom of Menopause (Bantam, revised and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (Bantam, revised 2006)


Homebirth in the Hospital is an outstanding book and a must read for all expectant parents as well as the providers who care for them.  We are in an era where women are fearful of trusting their bodies to birth normally and...
--Phyllis Klaus, MFT, LCSW Perinatal therapist, reseacher, co-author of The Doula Book, Bonding, Your Amazing newborn, When Survivors Give Birth


A much-needed book showing that women can have real choices in hospital childbirth, and that the key ingredient in their ability to give birth as they wish is the ideology, the wisdom, and the heart of the practitioner...
--Robbie Davis-Floyd PhD, author, Birth as an American Rite of Passage